There’s always something to see and do in Britain’s colorful capital- famous landmarks, pageantry, art, music and exclusive restaurants and shops. London’s lesser known sights can be equally enjoyable – leafy parks, elegant leafs and street markets.

Visit the British Museum

The museum fascinates those people who enjoy history as well those who don’t have an interest in history. It features more than 15 million artifacts and is both an educational experience and an eye opener. You should roam around whole museum and in case if you get tired, you can sit and relax at the museum cafĂ©.

Take some time to see the Big Ben and Clock Tower

Four-faced world’s largest clock, the clock tower has been designed very brilliantly. The giant bell lying in the clock tower is referred as the Big Ben. They are one of the icons associated with London and you can surely have fun there.

Click photos of the London Bridge

It is not an icon of London but its architecture is also beautiful. The London Bridge has been build over the River Thames. It presents a contrast between the steady flow of river and busy traffic on road. You can head here for photography at dusk.

Tour at Westminster’s palace

You can visit this architectural wonder and learn about the layout and beautiful architecture of the Palace. Visitors can stay there for sometime and hear the educational commentary about the Palace.

Observe the changing of guards of Queen

In case you visit Buckingham Palace and at right time, then you can witness the changing ceremony of Queen’s guards headed by the military band. Old guards are replaced by the New guards and this happens on alternate days from August and March and everyday from April to July.

Walk around Trafalgar Square

The place is still enchanting, although pigeon’ feeding is not allowed now. You can have a brisk walk while enjoying the interesting monuments around this open square.

Shopping at Horrods

It is amongst the icons of London and it must be visited even if you don’t like shopping. Harrod’s seasonal Food Hall and Christmas Department is very famous here. You can also look around for the memorial sculptures of Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diana.

Sit in globe of Shakespeare

This historical playhouse has been there since the times of Shakespeare and it provides you opportunities to go for an education tour or watch a play.

Visit the London Eye

It is a huge structure similar to a Ferris wheel and lets you observe the panoramic view of London.

Head at St. Paul’s Cathedral

This beautiful church was built in 1710 A.D and aimed at replacing the Gothic predecessor. It has an excellent architecture with fantastic acoustics. Don’t forget to visit its Whispering Gallery.